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Start a Claim

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, please stop using your vehicle if it may be further damaged. If you do not immediately take necessary precautions to prevent any further damage, the agreement will not be applicable.


To submit a claim, we strongly recommend you take your vehicle to a Chemo RV authorized dealership. If you take your vehicle to the dealership where you purchased it, you will be granted a $50 reduction on your deductible amount.

Obtain prior authorization of the application of your protections and options by providing the repair facility with a copy of your agreement or your agreement number. Chemo RV Protection will provide an authorization number for eligible repairs and to implement your applicable protections.

Only Chemo RV Protection approved amounts and/or service will be paid or reimbursed. Any protection-related request must be submitted within thirty days following the occurrence of any event or failure resulting in the use of protections. Failing to submit a claim within thirty day will make the claim ineligible for reimbursement.

Chemo RV Protection reserves the right to request a vehicle inspection prior to any repair or disassembly being performed. Inspection and/or disassembly fees shall be paid by the owner if no protection is granted following the submission of the claim.

Strictly in the event of an extremely urgent occurrence and only if the claims office is closed and an urgent repair is required, the vehicle owner may have their vehicle repaired for a maximum amount of $500 per occurrence and the owner must contact the claims office within five business days following any such repair to obtain confirmation of the applicability of any protection in accordance with this agreement. Chemo RV Protection shall reimburse the amount normally paid in a non-urgent situation in accordance with the standard rate allowed under the RVDA flat rate manual.

Contact us today to start your claim. 

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