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Chemo RV Protection

(Including protections from 1 to 13)

  1. Chassis frame

    All components of the manual or electric stabilizing system, electric motor, landing gear, landing gear electric motor, jack.

  2. Manual and power steps

    Printed circuit board(s), interior control panel, motor, communicator, power steps installed by the manufacturer or by a manufacturer authorized dealer.

  3. Suspension

    Wheel bearings, leaf springs and suspension springs, rubberized suspension components, axle shaft.

  4. Braking system

    Backing plates, wheel drums, discs, hydraulic surge brake actuators, master cylinder, brake controller if purchased and installed when purchasing this protection.

  5. Water heater

    Burner, gas valve, thermocouple, thermostat, switches, interior control panel, electronic ignition system, electronic wire harness, tank, printed circuit boards, heating elements, bypass valve, pressure relief valve, fitings and connections.

  6. Heating system

    Fan motor, fan, burner, gas valve, igniter, thermocouple, thermostat, low pressure gas fittings and connections, switches, low and high voltage electric relay, printer circuit boards, heat pump, seal.

  7. Refrigerator

    Burner, thermostat, igniter, printed circuit boards, thermocouple, elements, cooling unit, compressor, evaporator, switches, gas fittings and connections, fittings and connections.

  8. Range and oven

    Burner, thermostat, thermocouple, burner valve, electronic or piezo lighter system, printed circuit boards, fitings and connections. Also covered: independent range hood, microwave oven, and convection microwave oven.

  9. Central and/or rooftop air conditioning unit

    Central or rooftop air conditioning unit operating on a 110-volt power supply system and installed by the manufacturer or by a manufacturer authorized dealer, compressor, evaporator, condenser, accumulator, expansion and/or relief valve, thermostat, fan motor, fan, capacitor, switch, low and/or high pressure switch, printed circuit boards, low and/or high voltage electric and/or electronic control, relays, heat pump.

  10. Propane gas supply system

    Propane gas tanks and/or cylinders, brackets, regulators, mechanical and/or electrical gauges, valves, connections and/or quick connector system, wiring.

  11. Water supply system

    Water tank, water pump, compressor, potable water lines, fitings and connections, faucets.

  12. Waste water system

    Waste water tanks, electric and/or manual knife gate and/or ball check valve, shutoff valves, fitings and connections, waste water lines, shower, toilet, sinks.

  13. Electrical system

    Electrical wiring (12 volts and 120 volts), electrical outlet, switch (12 volts and 120 volts), circuit breaker panel, power convertor (12 volts to 120 volts), converter printed circuit boards, propane gas leak detector, carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector.​

Protection Plan

Chemo RV Protection Plus

(Including protections from 1 to 19)

14. Self-supporting slide-out section

All electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, manual, or automatic components of the self-supporting slide-out section. Any other vertical or horizontal slide-out section that expands to increase the interior living space and was factory installed by the original manufacturer.

15.  Stabilizing system

All electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components of the recreational vehicle’s leveling system are covered by this protection if they were installed by the manufacturer or by a manufacturer authorized dealer

16. Auxiliary electrical system

1. Generator

All internally lubricated parts of the generator engine, head and/or cylinder block if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part, starter, electrical generator, voltage regulator, command and control panel, switches, printed circuit boards, command panel, interior control panel, remote control device, hour meter, gauges, automatic transfer relay.

2. Solar panels and power inverter

Maximum 270-watt solar panels, interior control panel, printed circuit boards, photovoltaic charge controller, wiring, power inverter (12 volts to 120 volts). The electric system components listed at items 16.a. and 16.b. are covered by this protection if they were installed by the manufacturer or by a manufacturer authorized dealer.

17. Luxury components

Ice maker, freezer, washer and dryer exclusive of belts and hoses, dishwasher, trash compactor, garbage disposal unit, water purification unit, central vacuum cleaner system, rear view backup camera system, alarm system, remote door lock system, door handles and locks, door hinges, main awning mechanism exclusive of canvas cover, window awning mechanism exclusive of canvas cover, self-supporting slide-out section awning mechanism exclusive of canvas cover, outdoor cooktop and/or grill, outdoor kitchen refrigerator, thermometer, indoor and/or outdoor light fixtures (exclusive of light bulbs). Luxury components listed at item 17 are covered by this protection if they were installed by the manufacturer or by a manufacturer authorized dealer.

18. Audio and video components

Television set (up to 32 inches, limit of two claims per contract period), stereo sound system (exclusive of speakers), CD, DVD, and Blu-ray players, antenna mechanism. Audio and video components listed at item 18 are covered by this protection if they were installed by the manufacturer or by a manufacturer authorized dealer.

19. Additional components

The following list outlines the additional components covered by the Chemo RV Protection Plus:

  • Automatic winterizing system

  • Awning hardware

  • Awning motor

  • Awning wind sensor unit

  • Ceiling fans

  • Entire Aqua-hot heating system

  • Entire converter/inverter system (exclusive of fuses)

  • Electrical fireplace

  • Coffee maker

  • Refrigerator and ice maker door seals

  • Monitor panel

  • Telephone sockets

  • LED/LCD television set (factory installed)

  • Satellite radio

  • Satellite system

  • Security systems (factory installed)

  • Outdoor shower system

  • Tire pressure monitoring system

  • Television set

  • Weather station (factory installed)

  • Digital TV system (factory installed)

  • Entire MorRyde suspension system

  • Outdoor entertainment system

Components listed at item 19 are covered by this protection if they were installed by the manufacturer or by a manufacturer authorized dealer.

Available in all Protection Plans


On-Site Service Calls

Up to $400 per on-site service call will be reimbursed. This service is not available at all dealerships.


Food Spoilage Reimbursement

Up to $100 per occurrence.


Air Transportation

Up to $775 per occurrence when a repair is delayed for more than five (5) days.


Living Expenses Reimbursement

Up to $150 per day for meals and lodging for a maximum total amount of $450.


Deductible Reduction

$50 deductible reduction if the towed vehicle is repaired at the selling dealer.


Transferable Protection

All protections included in the contract, exclusive of the protection cost reimbursement, are transferable to a subsequent buyer of the vehicle if this person is not a dealer. Transfer fees apply. The new owner must be admissible.

Optional Coverage *

1. Protection cost reimbursement

Up to $2,000 of the cost of Chemo RV Protection Plus protections is reimbursed to you at the end of the term if it has not been used.

2. High Tech and GPS

Includes television set, DVD, stereo, satellite system, global positioning system and fireplace. All components listed under high tech and GPS must be installed by the manufacturer or installed at the dealership on or before the time of purchase.

3. Coverage for Park Models

Chemo RV Protection and Chemo RV Protection Plus are also available for Park Models with the exception of protections 3 and 4.

*Optional coverages are supplementary and must be contracted for concurrently with either Chemo RV Protection or Chemo RV Protection Plus

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